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Ertholmene consists of three main islands, Christiansø (named after King Christian V), Frederiksø (named after King Frederick IV) and Græsholm, plus a number of minor rocks and skerries.

The best known of the latter are Tat and Østerskær, Denmark's easternmost point.

The first permanent inhabitation was the result of the Danish-Swedish conflicts in the late 17th century.

As Denmark needed a naval base in the central Baltic Sea, a fort was built on Christiansø and Frederiksø in 1684 which served as an outpost for the Danish Navy until 1855. The population peaked at the census in 1810 which showed 829 inhabitants.

I Vestibulen vises der Oluf Hsts Skitsesamling og i Pakrummet og Ventevrelset vises Gudhjem-Banen.