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A union of 15 subnational Soviet republics, the Soviet state was structured under a highly centralized government and economy.The Russian Revolution of 1917 caused the downfall of the Russian Empire.The Protestant city was weakened by being under siege from imperial forces of the Holy Roman Empire since the previous year.

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Mit Trillerpfeifen, Neon Lichtern, Konfetti und verrückten Kostümen war für ausgelassene Stimmung gesorgt.

Wandelbar, mit industriellem Charme und einfach groß: Die fichte konnte mit vielen Facetten beeindrucken.

Count Tilly, a Bavarian, commanded the army of the Catholic League during the first half of The Thirty Years War.

On May 20, 1631, he and Count Pappenheim stormed Magdeburg, a prominent city in north central Germany that dated back to at least the 9th century.

Humor, Lachen, Hüften schwingen – stehen genauso auf dem Therapieplan des Ottojaner-Programms.