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Once they were inside, Böhnhardt and Mundlos opened the bag and pulled out a weapon, and one of the two proceeded to load it. says today that he never wanted to have anything to do with weapons.

He is currently in pretrial detention, and his case, together with 10 others, is being kept separate from the investigations against Zschäpe and André E.

He came to the store "once in a while," says the owner, adding: "I believe he called himself Andreas." Zschäpe, using the name "Lisa Mohl," also became a member, and sold the store a copy of the video game "Alfred Hitchcock - The Final Cut" for €5.

The trio made an important connection at the video store: Hermann S., an employee, who helped the terrorists buy additional weapons, or at least that was what they told their confidants.

One neighbor complained about cigarette butts that had been thrown onto her balcony, burning holes into the plastic outdoor carpet.


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