gay kontaktanzeigen Hannover - Verbul kennenlernen

With nicht: As described in your book, with möchten and können, if it is clear form the context of the sentence what you can or would like to do, you can omit the infinitive at the end.

We have modal verbs in English too, though we don't usually call them that: examples of modal verbs in English are can, must, should, etc.

Just like in English, using a modal verb means that there will be another verb in the same clause: ‘I can play piano’ = Ich kann Klavier spielen.

Pentru cele mai importante, verbele modale, am creat postari cu conjugarile acestora. Pentru ca notiunile sa fie complete, gasiti aici formarea participiului.

Die Stammformen sind lernt kennen - lernte kennen - hat kennengelernt.

Als Hilfsverb von kennenlernen wird "haben" verwendet.